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Purpose of the Position

Responsible for the efficient and accurate end to end processing of cash in compliance with policies and procedures (SOPs). A Cash Processor may perform any one and or a combination of the functions below.

Key Performance Areas (KPAs) Receive Cash

• Receive deposits and update on the applicable systems.

• Comply with all policies and procedures to eliminate any possible risks to the company and the customer. Prepping Cash on applicable system.

• Check container/Bag for damage /tamper and report all anomalies to Team Controller.

• Acknowledge container/bag on applicable system.

• All deposits must be processed in line with banks SLAs and SOPs on the applicable system.

• Accurate prepping must be done to enable effective and efficient note counting. Note Sorting

• All deposits/notes prepped for (FDP/ACDP) must be sorted the same day and within the cut off times.

• Rejected notes must be sent to the Cash Processor Together with the PCD cards and deposit slip and stop loss bag in the prepping box to verify and balance Reconciliation of ACDP deposits.

• Perform a reconciliation of all notes rejected in order to verify and validate

• All rejected notes to be manually checked for counterfeits, dye-stained and mutilated notes.

• Perform cash transfers to vaults. • Perform end of day balancing/ reconciliation of all cash received

• Handle all transactions including shortages and surpluses according to SOPs.

• Ensure that all transactions, including shortages and surpluses are handled according to SOPS

• Desktop deposit processing

• Check container/Bag for damage /tamper, report anomalies to Team Controller.

• Acknowledge container/bag on applicable system.

• All deposits must be kept separate per customer at all times and all deposits must be processed on the same day received by the customer.

• All deposits must be processed and balanced on the applicable system.

• Perform end of day balancing/ reconciliation of all cash received

• All transactions, including shortages and surpluses must be handled according to SOPS

• Accurate prepping must be done to enable effective and efficient note counting Sachet and Process Coin

• Process bulk coin deposits in accordance with SBV’s policies and Procedures.

• Sort and process teller coin transfers. Bank system Integrated deposit processing

• Validate all transactions linked to system integrations as per banks SLA.

• Inform client services of account numbers not linked to bank system to avoid delays in crediting the customer.

• Verify deposit account number to eliminate losses or mis posts.

• Escalate system downtime/delayed batches to team controller Payroll and change

• Payroll / change transactions must be processed in accordance with SLA per customer.

• Report all discrepancies to the Team Controller timeously.

• Floats must be sealed in drop safe bags along with float packing slips and placed into trolleys as per client requirement.

• Payroll entries to be processed within the banks SLA timeframes.

• Maintain all equipment by reporting any defects on equipment to the Team Controller.

• Obtain banks authorization prior to dispatching as per SOP. Prepack/Treasury

• Assist with the accurate packing and unpacking of Bank and ATM Cash.

• Manage consumables in line with packing requirements.

• Confirm that the bag and Seal No’s are properly recorded. Manage Equipment

• Utilize equipment according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) protecting and taking care of company assets



Minimum Requirements:

Work Experience

• 6 to 12 months previous cashier/teller experience advantageous

Minimum Requirements: Education

• Matric with Maths Literacy

Special Training Or Requirements

• Successfully completed SBV Cash Processor training

Behavioural Competencies Required

Attention to Detail: Ability to be alert in a high-risk environment; follows detailed procedures and ensures accuracy in work and processing; carefully monitors gauges, instruments or processes; concentrates on routine work details; organizes and maintains a system of records. Quality Control: Ability to establish high standards and measures; is able to maintain high standards despite pressing deadlines; does work right the first time and inspects work for flaws; tests new methods thoroughly; considers excellence a fundamental priority. Time Management: To effectively plan / schedule, coordinate and execute own work in accordance with business priorities and deadlines. Achievement Orientation: To be results oriented, to take action with minimal direction from others to concentrate/focus on the task at hand, to display the necessary effort during a particular task, and to follow through energetically and with determination in order to improve performance and achieve success. Risk Management: Ability to proactively identify risk areas / threats, to analyze such exposure to risk, to report matter to supervisor to give guidance on how to best handle it and to implement appropriate course of action to control / minimize risk.

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