We’re SA’s fastest-growing Chicken Franchise!

More than 100 stores in less than 4 and a half years… and we’re just getting started!

We’re on a mission to DISRUPT the fast-food industry and we’re growing the right flock to build our amazing brand.

At Pedros, we value our People. It’s the People who cook our chicken, the People who serve our chicken, and it’s the People who enjoy our chicken!

So, we strive to create a culture that is vibrant and positive, and to encourage and invest in our ‘Don Pedros’ – the passionate, hard-working, talented ‘chickens’ who care deeply about the brand.

We’re all about enjoying the journey and having fun while sticking to what we’re really, really good at – serving great Flame-Grilled Chicken at great prices!

We’re the fastest-growing, most exciting Chicken Brand in South Africa.

Join us as we spread our wings across the country and beyond!

Job Description


To ensure that quality products are received, and prepared for customers according to SOP.


  1. Maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards according to SOP
  2. Maintain food safety standards according to SOP
  3. Prepare menu items according to SOP whilst maintaining speed of service
  4. Provide great customer service


  1. Restaurant and Fast-Food Service experience, minimum 1-year related experience required
  2. Customer Service
  3. Good Verbal Communication Skills
  4. National Senior Certificate
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